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As you are reading this post, I can claim that you encountered this news of the launch of a niche social-professional network for medics, i.e.,, online. Did you create your account also to avail of the members’ benefits? If haven’t already created your account on, what are you waiting for? There is so much to gain by doing so! Free medical presentation templates, free medical document templates, and yes, free medical WordPress themes for your professional medical websites. Remember, this is on top of the viewership your medical content in the form of medical presentations and medical documents get. 

Now, let’s check how you can make the most of your account.

Grow Your Network on – The More the merrier

You can follow medical professional, institutions and organizations on, so why not expand your social-professional network on the platform? Follow medical doctors, teachers, students and professionals who span across 30 medical and healthcare specialties, from pediatrics to pathology and medical marketing etc. This way you get access to their valuable medical content, as well as, the networking benefits. You can find medical professionals, institutions and organizations by performing simple search on

Stay in the Know – Both Content and Network

So you’ve already started following medical professionals and organizations. Now what? Make sure to follow your news feed on and appreciate what you like. You can do so by liking, commenting, sharing and downloading the medical content. This is a great way to start networking and getting into the role of an influencer. 

News, blogs and product updates etc., posted on can be a great way to stay ahead of important trends impacting the medical and healthcare industry you care about.

Share Information, Share health 

Now that you have access to all this great medical content along with a free medical marketing toolkit (free medical presentation templates, free medical document templates and free medical website themes), how can you use it all to show off your expertise? Perhaps a medical company you follow just launched a brand new healthcare product that has huge impact on your sector, or a medical professional publishes a whitepaper about controversial medical research. These could be great pieces of information for you to share with your network, so you can be seen as someone with expertise and interest in medical and healthcare industry and topics. Or perhaps you prepare a presentation or eBook using’s free medical presentation templates or free medical document templates. Tell your network what are your views on the development with your beautifully created presentations and documents. Sharing great content is an excellent way to showcase your industry expertise and knowledge, and it establishes you among your social-professional connections as a valued opinion and a trusted resource.

There is no limit to medical professionals and organizations you can follow on, and we are always looking for more ways to help you find useful and relevant medical content from professionals and companies you care about.


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