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By completing your profile, it will be easier to be found by medical professionals, medical institutions and medical organizations. There are many benefits of a complete profile on A few are as follows:

- A completed profile will obviously make a strong first impression upon your medical and healthcare network and best promote your expertise. 

- Adding a profile photo and a description to your profile is an important step towards more open and active participation on

Completing your profile is easy, and takes just minutes. 

Stand out from the crowd with a complete profile

Did you know that adding a profile photo makes your profile more searchable as well as authentic on social media websites? Similarly, did you know that having your professional experiences listed on your profile makes it more likely to be found? Simple tweaking like these are sure to make a difference by making your profile more searchable and authentic.

Here are quick steps to complete your profile on and ensure you're putting your best foot forward:

1) Add a profile photo

Profile photos on our social media profiles are like our personal logos. Profile photo are important as we recognize the profiles of our colleagues, friends, and others on social media platforms with the help of their profile photos. Similarly, people also look for our familiar face on different sites and settings. So you are missing out things if you do not have one.

Following are some important reasons to have a good profile photo visible on your profile:

i. Credibility

There is an increase in noise and clutter on social media websites today. In addition, we observe that there are many “spam” social profiles selling products or services or collecting information. These fake profiles are usually without profile photo or a photo of some model, and thus, are easily identifiable as spam. 

Show your true self to your network because you are not ashamed of your personality or professional accomplishments. Please do not be an egg-head on and make the most of this platform.

ii. Recognition

Medical professionals who already know you from your past, other social media platforms, or a recent medical conference will, hopefully, recognize that photo and know who you are. Similarly, that friend from your last organization who is looking for you will find you in the long list of people with similar name.

2) List all your professional experience with different medical and healthcare organizations, along with descriptions of your roles

3) Write a profile summary with area of expertise, interests and experiences

4) Fill out your specialty in medical and healthcare industry

5) Add your educational background

6) Sync your other social media profiles on LinkedIn, Slideshare, Facebook and Twitter etc., with your account.

7) Have more and more connections - it’s easier than you think to get connected on! 

In short, a complete profile helps you stay connected and competitive in medical and healthcare industry.  



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