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by : Dr Singh in Tips & Best Practices at 8/10/2020 8:50:12 AM

Don’t you love medical and healthcare infographics because of their capability to present complex medical facts, tips and concepts lucidly and easily? But sharing these medical infographics on your medical website, medical blog and social media accounts is a bit of a tricky affair for all the medics. This is so because you did not build your medical websites or medical blogs with infographics in mind. All the social media platforms are also not very conducive for your medical infographics.

But here is good news for all the medics around the globe who have medical infographics they would like to share with the world! makes perfect posting and promotion of the medical infographics easy and fun for medics.

Once you have created your medical infographic and have a final copy, remember you still have a few steps left to take it to the medics around the globe!

Following are 3 Simple Steps for Medics to Post and Promote their Medical Infographics on

1. Upload you Medical Infographics on is a presentation-sharing tool for the medical and healthcare industry that also enables medics to easily upload and share their infographics online. is a huge social-professional network of medical and healthcare professionals, students, academicians and organizations. Uploading your medical infographic on this medical website means ensuring millions of eyeballs for your content.

2. Having Title, Descriptions and Tags for Your Medical Infographics

You have created your medical infographic with so much hard work! Don’t let it get lost in this humongous library by not making it searchable by adding title, description and tags while uploading it on Make sure you also select an appropriate category also for your infographic when you upload it. This will make your infographics searchable by people on with the help of category or site search options, as well as, making those searchable in Google search.

3. Share Your Uploaded Medical Infographic on Social Media lets you share your medical infographics on multiple social media channels from the platform only. You don’t have to do it separately by visiting various social media platforms separately.

Just make sure you share your medical infographic more than once and on multiple platforms. By more than once we mean sharing it with different captions and descriptions. It is very much possible that a connection of yours on a particular platform likes a particular caption and not others.

Go ahead and wow the medical community with your visually effective medical presentation and start building your community on and other platforms.


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