How to deliver a good medical presentation with 4 pro tips

by : Khushbu Srivastava Gupta in Tips & Best Practices at 4/3/2020 4:11:32 PM

As a medic how you deliver your medical presentations is as important as the content and design of your presentations. Following are 4 pro tips to help you deliver an impactful presentation in the field of medical and healthcare.

1. A strong opening is what you need for your medical presentation

The opening and conclusion of your medical presentation is very important. Studies suggest that you have 7 seconds to catch your audiences’ attention. As such, you need to make those first 7 seconds count.

You must be different. Starting your medical presentation with a rhetorical question can be a great way to introduce presentation. Tailor it to your audience, their likes and dislikes. Remember, you are a medic and you have got to face a very intelligent audience.

2. Do not try to be anyone else, be yourself

While delivering your medical presentation, you need to be yourself, as a lack of authenticity is not going to help you and your audience will reject you for that. Remember, the purpose of your presentation is not to impress your audience, but to get the point across.

Use humor without overdoing it. Although medical and healthcare is a serious affair, humor can be great for giving a presentation as it will relieve you of inhibitions and fears along with making your audience comfortable.

Relax, even the best speakers commit mistakes.

3. Prepare for a smooth delivery of your medical presentation

OK, you worked really hard and your medical content and your slide design, and came up with a very powerful presentation. But, if you overlook that important aspect of your presentation which is in your control, i.e., the delivery, you are doomed.

Practice your delivery with lots of mock presentations, may be in front of a mirror. Get hold over the content of your presentation. If possible, make a video of your presentation and check. This is sure to help you master the content and adjust your run time.

Use a slide changer. This will help you be spontaneous and face the audience by relieving you of the burden of looking at your slides again and again.

4. Focus on audience value while concluding your medical presentation

To leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience you must deliver value to them. You must provide them with substantial takeaways from your medical presentation. Focus on the memories you want your valuable audience to take home.

Make your core message resonate with your audience. A call to action probably is the best possible way to conclude your medical presentation impactfully. You must be clear on what you want your audience to do once they have attended your presentation. After all, there was a purpose of your presentation you took so much of pain to prepare and deliver, wasn’t there?

Good luck with your all-important next medical presentation. If you want good medical presentation templates, has a huge library of those for you to check and download.


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