How to make a good medical presentation with 4 pro tips

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Coming up with a good medical presentation commences with thoughtfully crafting your medical content. Even if you have a very compelling message, if you fail to bring it out of your thoughts, and finally, bring it onto your slides in a simple but lucid way, you’ll be met with disappointment in the form of utterly blank audiences. So, where to get started?

Following are 4 pro tips to come up with a good medical presentation.

1. A simple and easy-to-follow structure is crucial when it comes to medical presentations

When it comes to the subject matter of your presentation, it needs to be broken down in three parts without any exception: your medical presentation needs have an introduction, body, and a descriptive conclusion.

The introduction of your medical presentation needs to quickly your content along with conveying its relevance to your audience.

The body of your medical presentation is where you get the opportunity to provide your audience with the facts, illustrations, and evidences to back up your content.

Finally, you need to sum your medical presentation. Make sure you sum up your presentation with key takeaways. The conclusion part of your presentation is where you take up your main points and provide your audience with some key takeaways on what they can do with it, or how they can utilize what they’ve learned.

2. Follow the rule of minimalistic presentation by limiting the density of copy on each slide

Less is actually more for a good presentation, and medical presentations are no exception. Too much of text and you run the risk of letting your audience get engrossed with reading instead of connecting with you.

Think bite-size information as it is easy to retain information when it’s broken down into bite-sized chunks. Add illustrations and videos as those would be a great way to learn. And research suggests it would be 95% more compelling than bare text.

3. Be meticulous with your slide design

Good slide design of your medical presentation is very crucial and can make or break your presentation. If you haven’t got the budget for a designer, platforms like will help you make great slides. provides you free medical presentation templates on a variety of topics. If you want to try your hand, tools such as Canva and platforms providing royalty-free medical images can help.

Use color sparingly and be consistent with your font. Consistency in your design makes you look more professional.

4. Edit and improve your medical presentation several times

A good medical presentation usually requires several rounds of editing and improvement before it’s ready to wow your audience. Edit ruthlessly until you’ve removed all your unnecessary words, perfected the design and arranged your presentation properly.

And yes, get someone else to review your medical presentation before concluding. A fresh pair of eyes can be wonderful when it comes to refining and improving your presentation.


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