Healthcare Marketing Skills - 10 Tips for Effective Medical Presentations

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In healthcare communications and medical marketing skills, being casual isn’t tolerated at all, as the audience is involved in a job which requires formality. There are many public speaking situations in healthcare. Following are a few such public speaking situations in healthcare domain:

•    Direct doctor-patient interactions,
•    Staff or colleague training,
•    Community health presentations,
•    Medical conferences and other events.
•    Medical business presentations

Let’s now talk about how to make an effective medical presentations.

8 Tips for Effective Medical Presentations

Following are a few useful ideas to make any healthcare marketing presentations more effective.

1. Get to the subject immediately, and with bang. You have worked so hard on your very important medical presentation, and as such, have something to start off with a bang. Deliver something that sets the minds of your audience immediately. You can easily do this by visualizing the many ways in which they are going to apply what you want to convey via your presentation.

2. Educate your audience of the benefits of being attentive to your presentation (you usually have the first two minutes to grab the attention of your audience). Tell your audience why your presentation is important to them. This will help you attain the level of interest and awareness. Utilize the initial two minutes of your presentation by conveying “what’s in it for them.”

3. Make it a point to utilize concrete and specific numbers in your medical presentations. Make your medical document authentic by including concrete and specific numbers. This will render your presentations understandable and tangible. Be upfront and Issue disclaimers, if any. Let your audience know what you are not going to do. Set their expectations and tell them what accountability you are going to take with stats and references.

4. Honor the schedule as precisely as possible. To attain precision in your delivery, you should rehearse your material at least twice. Rehearse the presentation content once the day before the event.

5. Make your medical presentation a dialog instead of a monolog. Encourage your audience to participate, let them question and make it interactive throughout. But, keep your answers to the point.

An involved audience is engaged and more prone to retain what you are presenting. Thus, both the presenter and the audience will be more comfortable and presentation will be more fruitful.

6. Remember, you belong to medical and healthcare industry, the audience is a bit skewed towards high end and sophisticated.

7. Do not forget a useful handout. Some medical presentations require it, and attendees always appreciate a useful handout. A relevant handout will reinforce your session and will act as a reminder of your delivered content long after the presentation.

8. And yes, the ultimate advice…be yourself, have fun and interact with your audience and they’ll love your presentation.

Understanding and application of these tips is sure to get your audience into your presentation content. A medical presentation is only successful and effective when you are sure that you are going to deliver a clear understanding of the content of your presentation.


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