How to Use MedicPresents to Promote Your Medical Presentations

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When it comes to social media sites for medical professionals, a majority feels a little bit lost. For entities in medical and healthcare industry, to maintain their presence on all the important social media platforms would be pretty much a full time task. As such, medics, who are very much constrained of time, find it difficult to decide on crucial medical websites to have their presence on. 

Being a relatively new medical website with a medical blog, MedicPresents is one of the more overlooked social media platforms for medics. But with its potential for great returns on investment for medical professionals, it is well worth a look. Use of MedicPresents is on the rise, with an increasing number of medical marketers, medical professionals, medical students and academicians/researchers discovering its benefits too.

What is MedicPresents?

MedicPresents is a social professional network for medics and allows them to post medical content –medical presentations, medical notesPDFs, and others. The medical website also allows people to search, view and share the content contributed by other medical professionals. With millions of monthly visitors, MedicPresents is the most popular presentation sharing website for medical and healthcare professionals. MedicPresents is free to use and provides medics with free medical templates for every activity they perform on the website. The medical website has an arrangement of point system for every activity the users perform on the website and gives away free medical PowerPoint templates, free medical document templates and free medical website themes to reward the contributors.

While some medical websites can be hard to read on mobile devices, MedicPresents automatically optimizes content for such devices, so medics can be sure that their content is visible to all users. MedicPresentsmedical content also ranks high in Google search results, making it a worthwhile promotional tool for medical and healthcare industry. Medical presentations uploaded on MedicPresentsare incredibly easy to embed on your own medical blog or website, thus enhancing the value of your medical content and giving you a boost in the search engine rankings.

Once you have signed up on the website, you can immediately start uploading your content. But, with a huge database of medical presentations, so how do you make yours stand out?

1. Take a look at other MedicPresents content
Browse on MedicPresents to see what other medical professionals are creating. Some medical PowerPoint presentations are a lot more effective than others. Go ahead and emulate the style and presentation of the more successful ones. The medical PowerPoint presentations that feature on the homepage are a great place to start – these are handpicked by MedicPresents and can teach you a lot on how to put together a top presentation.

2. Make your medical presentations recognizable
You want people to become regular viewers and sharers of your medical presentations, don’t you? And, it helps if you find a consistent style which resonates with your audience. MedicPresentsprovides you with free medical PowerPoint templates, helping you make your medical PowerPoint presentations easily recognizable. MedicPresents provides a huge library of free medical PowerPoint templates to help you find your style.

3. Make your medical presentations eye-catching
Medical presentations with eye-catching images, illustrations and attractive layouts garner more attention. Including compelling pictures and illustrations in you medical slides could make all the difference when it comes to the number of views and shares.

4. Repurpose your medical PowerPoint presentations for your online audience
The best thing about MedicPresents is that you can repurpose medical content that you already have - consider old medical PowerPoint presentations lying idle on your hard drive or previously written medical blog posts. Make sure to adapt your medical presentations for your online audience.

5. Keep it all simple
If your medical slides are too cluttered, people won’t be encouraged to complete those. Keep it all minimalist- an image or an illustration with a few bullets per slide should suffice for your medical presentations. Try to include appropriate call-to-action at the end to drive people to your medical website or a medical blog.

6. Optimize your medical presentations for searching
As a medical professional you want your medical content to be as visible as possible online. For this, you need to optimize your presentations for your keywords to come up in search results. MedicPresents allows you to include tags or keywords to make your medical presentation easily searchable. Try and include you keywords in your title and make sure to include a brief description of the presentation. This all helps you optimize your presentations for searching.

7. Share your presentations among your communities
As mentioned earlier, MedicPresents makes it simple to embed your medical presentations on your own medical website or medical blog. You should also share your content via your digital networks like social media etc. This will help increase the reach of your medical presentations.

On top of everything, have fun with it all. Believe me, you do not need to put in a huge effort to see the advantages of sharing your medical presentations on MedicPresents



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