3 Simple Ways to Claim Your Share of Traffic on MedicPresents

by : Abhishek Singh in Tips & Best Practices at 3/20/2017 10:27:35 AM

In this blog post we are going to discuss 3 simple ways to attract a very relevant traffic of medical professionals on Medic Presents.  MedicPresents.com is a platform for medics which includes medical professionals (medical doctors, physicians, pharmacists, fitness trainers, educationists, medical researchers etc.) and medical students. This niche platform hosts medical presentations, medical notes, medical infographics and medical blogs etc. Apart from this the medical website provides a huge database of free medical PowerPoint templates, free medical website themes,free medical document templates and similar useful stuff for medics around the world.

Infact, MedicPresents.com is a social-professional network for medics with loads of utilities for them. And, as there are huge numbers of eye balls scanning the website every day, it is worth to spare some time to think of ways to get your share of this humongous traffic of medical professionals on the website. Let’s consider the three simple ways to do so:

1. News Jacking to inject your medical content into a platform full of a very relevant crowd

As the term suggests, news jacking is a popular way to bring in traffic through posting the recent headlines and also the relevant topics on a platform, in this case a medical website. This is a widely used technique nowadays in medical and healthcare industry, but only a few are able to execute it well. 

There are many examples where people have linked their content with the news and become famous. You have to be in practice for getting noticed. 

Medic presents.comprovidesmedical professionals, students and health enthusiasts with a platform with very relevant traffic across medical specialties and fields. By publish their medical content on topics which are trending, medics are sure to garner a huge number of viewers for the same. There are medical students, patients, professionals etc. who are actively looking for various kinds of medical content, and by making your content available in the form of medical presentations, medical documents and medical infographics etc.,you expose your content to a very relevant crowd.

2. Mutual Promotion of the Medical Presentations, documents and articles

As you all would have noticed, MedicPresents.com is a medical website that serves dual purpose. Medical professionals, who share their medical content,benefit hugely when MedicPresents.com promotes its platform with its content. Medical presentations, medical documents and medical articles/blogs published on the medical website are shared and promoted on social media and other digital networks, taking your content and your name to different places.

Thus, both the publishers and the medical website are getting promoted. MedicPresents.com has a whole lot of categories related to medical and healthcare field, providing medics an opportunity to publish all kind of medical and healthcare content via medical presentations and documents. And, the platform makes the process of sharing medical content worth for medics by providing free medical PowerPoint templates, free medical document templates and free medical website themes for every upload or activity.

So, medical professionals should make the most of the opportunity and start sharing the knowledge. 

3. Going Cross-channel

This technique can be explained in a way that if someone is putting a lot of stuff on MedicPresents.com on various topics, then he/she will be recognized easily and will be followed by a large number of people. The more the followers are, more is the encouragement for the person being followed. Reason being is this that now it becomes the responsibility of his/her to update the followers on the current issues and topics that will make difference in their professional life. 

Medical field is one of the largest and dynamicfields in the world. Most of the jobs in the US are related to medical field and in India also many opportunities are there for the professionals related to the medical field. 

To conclude, we would suggest that medical professionals should follow these simple tips and suggestions toget huge traffic to their medical content, and off-course the medical website!


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